Hip Hop x Financial Literacy with Andrea Ferrero of Pockets Change
Hip-Hop Can Save AmericaMarch 04, 2022
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Hip Hop x Financial Literacy with Andrea Ferrero of Pockets Change

Peace and love, friends, neighbors, supporters and haters, welcome back to Hip-Hop Can Save America! aka 'the world’s smartest Hip-Hop podcast.'

I’m Manny Faces. Fans and friends know that whenever I’m presented with a societal issue, problem or disturbing trend, any suggestion I have as to how to solve it will include, in some form or fashion, Hip-Hop. 

Those who know we VERY well, also know that through my years on the planet, finance hasn’t always been my strong suit.

Similarly, financial literacy isn’t something that schools, or even families tend to focus on. Our relationship with money can be overwhelming, and this is especially true in communities that have been denied access to financial services, generational wealth, and overall financial opportunity.

Pockets Change exists to change ALL of that, helping young and old alike, from all walks of life, get a better understanding of money, how it shapes our behavior, how to conquer our fears, and work toward a stronger financial future.

And of course, they wouldn’t be on THIS show if there wasn’t a Hip Hop angle in the mix.

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Now, let’s get into it. Here’s my talk with Andrea Ferrero of Pockets Change.